The Twenty-Seventh graduating class of Suzuran All-Boys High School was full of  students who made a name for themselves during their reign here. However none of them stand above five very infamous men who were responsible for quite a few legends in Suzuran. The group consists of:  Hanazawa Saburou AKA  Zetton, Iwashiro Gunji, Yonezaki Takayuki, Katou Hideyoshi, and his right hand man Kobayashi Masanari AKA Masa.

Out of the five only Gunji and Hideyoshi created their own factions, known as the Iwashiro and Hideyoshi factions respectively. Masa joined longtime friend Hideyoshi, while Zetton and Yonezaki were Lone Wolves who never created any factions but preferred to operate independently. While they were all on opposite sides in Suzuran's hierarchy, these five became - and still remain - very close friends. Despite not belonging to the same faction, they knew that they all had each others backs in times of crisis and were committed to a unified Suzuran. Although each of them were strong in their own rights, Zetton was considered the strongest of them all, partly due to his status as one of The Four Kings  and being the champion of their generation's first year war.

Starting off their stays at Suzuran as the Harumichi Family's Freshmen counterparts, these five would eventually become recognized and established as the school's leaders by the time Tsukishima Hana enrolled as a First Year. babi

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