Originally serving under the Bandou Faction at Suzuran High, Akutsu Futoshi would often pick on Yasuo Yasuda regularly. His bullying eventually causes him to cross paths with Bouya Harumichi [1], who soundly defeats him and gets revenge for Yasu [2] .

After his loss, Akutsu is one of the first students at Suzuran to catch a glimpse of Bouya's real strength, as he observes his fight with Makoto Sugihara. Upon witnessing the fight, Akutsu becomes a believer of the newcomer's strength.

History Edit

Middle School Edit

He claimed he was able to keep up with Bulldog, Maruken, Kakuken, Hiromi Kirishima during mid school [3].

He also claimed that at this time he was dubbed as The Tiger of The Eastern District (although he was probably just joking).

Suzuran Edit

He first met Bouya Harumichi on a train while running after Yasu to bully him. Bouya challenge Akutsu and his underling but accidentally knocked himself out. Later Bouya beat them on Suzuran's bathroom.

He later joined the Harumichi Family after former Suzuran top dog Hideto Bandou loses to Bouya, in order to avoid getting on Bouya's wrong side. Unfortunately, others see easily through his plan and soon, Akutsu is quickly labeled as a coward, along with his underling, Susumu Sagawa. However, his reputation does not become permanent, as Akutsu successfully fends off several Housen soldiers, impressing Hiromi Kirishima and Yasu [4].

Although he still shows some shades of his cowardice, Akutsu is still loyal in his own way to the Harumichi Family. While not one who is easily relied on in a pinch and while still being the last one to charge into battle, Akutsu still manages to cheer the group on and encourage them from the sidelines.

His younger brother Akutsu Kinji joined Suzuran right after his graduation.

Fights Edit

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