Bitou Hideyuki is the younger brother of Makio and Tatsuya. He and Bitou Tatsuya were using Machida Katsutoshi to start a war on Suzuran to avenge their brother Makio Bitou, but in fact they were also looking to surpass him.

After Machida and his officers were beaten by Hiromi Kirishima and Hideto Bandou they revealed that no one was following them and the Bitou Brothers took control of Housen.

He was the one that set a trap to get rid of Makoto Sugihara. After a talk with Rindaman, Bitou Tatsuya was convinced to fight with Harumichi Bouya on a one-on-one, and Hideyuki would settle things with Mako too [1].

Tatsuya decided to retire from the post of Housen's leader and gave it to Hideyuki. Hideyuki led the Housen army when they raided Snake Heads hideout.

On the next year, the freshmen King Joe challenged him to become the Housen's leader. King Joe won [2] but Hideyuki was going to leave Housen anyway with Tatsuya in two weeks to Tokyo.

Fights Edit

  • Hideyuki, Matsuda, several underlings vs. Mako - Won [3]
  • Hideyuki vs. Kirishima Hiromi - Won [4]
  • Hideyuki vs. Mako - Loss [1]
  • Hideyuki vs. King Joe - Loss [2]
  • Hideyuki vs. Fukumaru Kazumasa - Won, four times [5]

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