Ebisu Kouichi aka Bisuko is the leader of the Kuzugami Group in the Manji Empire. He is also the boss of Tenzen High in Tokyo, Machida. He has ruled Tenzen since his sophomore year.

He is considered the strongest fighter in all of Manji. Being the strongest man in the strongest and largest gang in all of Japan, Bisuko is considered by most (especially in The Manji Empire) to be the pound for pound, the strongest delinquent of his era.


Middle School

When Bisuko was a senior in middle school, he single-handedly beat up 12 guys from Nishi Mid who were waiting for him by the station.  

After beating them, he sat on one of them and started reading his favourite manga, Urakin, laughing the whole time. 

The Manji Empire

Bisuko has already shown his extreme strength. Easily defeating Himekawa Kei, leader or the Front of Armaments' Flying Column and KKK Demons with only one punch [1] when Kei and his team traveled to Tokyo to enrage Bisuko's fellow Manji 7 Head, Hiruma Yuushi.

Bisuko was forced to go to Toarushi himself to collect Hiruma, who had went to get revenge for his defeated friends and Manji sub group, the Ikeshima Brothers.

In search for the T.F.O.A hideout, he met Hana Tsukishima at a restroom. After helping Hana with his toilet troubles, he stumbled upon Suzuran High and tried to remember where he had heard of the school before.

Bisuko finally arrived at the Armament base where he found Hiruma had fought to a draw with the Head of the E.M.O.D, Maekawa Muneharu.

Bisuko, along with his fellow Manji seven members would fight the seven men from Toarushi who came  to Tokyo to finish the long grueling war with the Armament and the EMOD. He is the last to fight and he defeats the Front of Armament's head,  Murata Shougo [2].

Bisuko later travels back to Toarushi to return Mary-nii's umbrella that he borrowed from Hana the day he met him, and to secretly challenge him to a fight. The fight between himself and Hana was very close with Bisuko just coming out on top of their one-on-one, with Hana commending his new friend's monstrous strength. Despite fighting him, Bisuko holds Hana in high regard.

Even though Bisuko barely won his fight with Hana [3], rumors still spread around his hometown, Machida that he had actually lost. Although initially people dismissed it as rumors, but when Manji strong men Karashima Jun and Shibaki Masami heard, they believed Bisuko might have actually loss as they both have experienced Hana's strength, as well as Bisuko arriving in Machida with a messed up face. This led to people in Machida believing Bisuko really lost. This initially didn't bother Bisuko at all, considering it as an opportunity to shed his "Boogie man" persona in the eyes of everyone in town.

However, after a couple of goons gunning for him, catch wind of his supposed defeat, they decided to target Hana instead, this led to Bisuko taking care of all of the thugs personally [4] [5]. Stating that he couldn't introduce any of them to him.

His friendship with Hana will last a lifetime.


  • Bisuko vs. Kei - Won [1]
  • Bisuko vs. Shougo - Won [2]
  • Bisuko vs. Hana - Won [3]
  • Bisuko vs. Ooguro - Won [4]
  • Bisuko vs. Matsuoka - Won, twice [5]


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