Fujishiro Takumi is the Vice Head of the seventh generation of The Front of Armament. He has a history with Amachi and the Armament's Shougo , though the details are still unclear apparently, all three attended the same middle school. A member of the Umehoshi family, and resident of room 2. Sakota had remarked to Renji once that it might be possible that Takumi was stronger than both of them, and characters had noted before that he was a man with a cool head on his shoulders. Takumi dropped out of Kurosaki High School because his mom got sick and is now working at a garage with Pon.

An indispensable member of the Armament, Takumi first bared the Skull on his back during the final days of the sixth generation, shortly after their head, Kawachi Tesshou's passing. Because of Takumi's keen intellect, he was able to diffuse the pointless ongoing War between the Armament and the Hades' Owls, later revealed to be a devious plot by the Amachi Army to pit to the two gangs against each other.

Along with Shougo, Takumi has established the seventh generation as the strongest incarnation in the Armament's history, which is validated by their various victories in battle, directed by his tactical genius and Shougo's fearless leadership. Not only limited to violence alone, Takumi made sure the seventh generation always kept a certain level of diplomacy, striking key alliances with rival factions when need be.

During the War with The Manji Empire, Takumi along with the EMOD's vice head, Kuniyoshi were instrumental in making sure the seven man Team who traveled to Machida to face the Manji Seven returned safely to Toarushi, this eventually led to a sit down with Manji's vice head Tani Yoshitomo, to whom Takumi proved himself to be an equal adversary.

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