Higuchi Shuuji is a member of the Manji Seven and the leader of the Zento Group in the Manji Empire.

As he is easily angered and hot tempered, Higuchi tends to rub people the wrong way. Whether ally or foe, he has shown he will rage at anyone who does anything to annoy him. 

Higuchi, with the rest of the Manji 7, fought with the seven men from Toarushi that came to Tokyo. Although his comrades and fellow Manji 7 representatives Inoue and Nakano were sure he would win, Higuchi fought and losst to Hisashi Amachi [1].

Seeing that Amachi was already injured before the fight, Higuchi decided to even the odds by repeatedly bashing his head into a wall. His opponent and others questioned his intelligence level, while Hana praised him as a real man.

Fights Edit

  • Higuchi vs, Amachi - Lost [1]

References Edit

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