A biker gang that has existed in the town before the creation of The Front of Armament. It is unknown when the group was founded.

History Edit

The Beginning of TFOA Edit

Chuujou Akira is the head of Hyakki at the time the front was created. Originally Hyakki had its underlings gang up on the new found team but Chuujou put an end to the two teams squabbles. Chuujou and the front had a good relationship until his retirement. During this generation, they were the biggest and strongest gang, with 150 members

Even after Akira's resignment, T.F.O.A and Hyakki were on good terms. Hyakki Leader Kim Hyonchol (Older brother of 7th generation Armament leader Kim Hyongan) helped the Front find the whereabouts of Back-Teria leader Yamagami after Front member Ozawa Shinkichi had been jumped.

TFOA's Fourth Generation Edit

During the Armaments fourth generation, a huge war broke out between the Front and Kyouya. A ceasefire agreement was established between all 5 major gangs of the city; T.F.O.A, Hyakki, Kyouya, Skeleton (now Shikabane) and Back-Teria, which split into 3 gangs; The Black Marked Tigers, Hades Owl's, and the Jet Black Scorpion.

TFOA's Fifth Generation Edit

When they heard that the 5th generation of T.F.O.A. had only three members they tried to smash them with sheer force, The result of the battle is unknown, but the Armament grew stronger after that, and somehow it didn't affect the cease-fire.

When the ceasefire was aggravated by Shougo's attack on Kyouya figurehead, Terakado, the major gangs met to deal with the situation without bloodshed. Hyakki President, Yamauchi Taichirou was present for the meeting.

TFOA's Sixth Generation Edit

Yamauchi would later ask Kawachi Tesshou from the Armament to mediate a cease-fire between them and Black Marked Tigers. The Armament discovered that the fight that got them into that war was caused by ex-Jet Black Scorpion members that joined both gangs.

Head of Hyakki Edit

Chuujou Akira
Kim Hyonchol
Yamauchi Taichirou