Makoto Sugihara a.k.a. Mako was a student at Suzuran and a sophomore by the time Harumichi Bouya came into town. He is a member of the Ebizuka Trio with Hiromi Kirishima and Toshiaki Honjou. His trademark accessory is his trusty pair of shades, along with a hat given to him by his girlfriend in the second half of the series.

He was the strongest of the Ebizuka Trio, three feared students from Ebizuka Mid School that made a name for themselves.

During his time in Ebizuka Mid, he looked up to Izaki Shun as the strongest person during that time.

In his first year at Suzuran he alongside with Hiromi and Pon, won the Freshman War. They were then invited by Izaki Shun to join GPS which they declined. Mako also once challenged Genji to fight but lost. In his second year at Suzuran, Mako, together with Pon, confronted Bouya for attacking Hiromi. Mako won the coin toss to fight Bouya, but ended up losing to him. After this, the Trio realized that they needed Bouya's strength if they wanted to challenge Hideto Bandou, who at the time was trying to gain control of Suzuran. The four men teamed-up and continued to hang out with each other even after Bandou's defeat. Along with the Trio, Mako co-formed the Harumichi Family. During this era, he was claimed to be the top 5 strongest person in Suzuran excluding Bouya.

Mako used to be a man of few words, until he became friends with Bouya. Because of this, Mako's inner chatterbox came out and the two became fast friends, even if they ended up fighting all the time. Mako has even accompanied Bouya more than once when the latter had to confront a whole gang of enemies by himself. This even led to a one-on-one versus Housen 's Hideyuki Bitou, which was a fight Mako won. Regardless of Hiromi's leadership Mako is considered the strongest of the Ebi Trio,this makes him the Harumichi Family's second strongest fighter after only Bouya himself.

Mako is also the only member of the Harumichi Family with a girlfriend, which draws ire from the other members of the Family.

Mako started working as a carpenter on his girlfriend's father's company and didn't graduated. Bouya ranked Mako as the fifth strongest fighter he faced.


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