He is a leader at Odagawa High.

History Edit

After Minami Tetsuo, the leader of Odagawa High sick of his schoolmates getting blackmailed by some of the Boushuu Alliance, he then went to Rindow High to seek for Akafuji, the proclaimed Rindow High's legend's help.

At first, Akafuji declined to help but after being persuaded with a carton of cigarette, he then accepted the offer.

After knowing that the one who behind the blackmailing was some of the Boushuu Alliance's members, he met one of the leaders, Shuji Yatou.

It was revealed that one of Shuji's underlings, Yokoyama was using his name to blackmail students.

Shuji Yatou proceed to punched and knocked out Yokoyama with a single punch. It was revealed that they were an old friends.