"Beloved by everyone for his (usually) sunny disposition. Serves as a source of inspiration for the rest of the Hana-gumi."

Murakawa Katsuhiro is one of the original members of the Hana-Gumi . He first encountered Hana as an opponent in the Freshmen's War. He was easily defeated by Tsukishima Hana, and promptly changed his hairstyle into a mohawk.

Although he was first seen being defeated in a single punch by Hana, he progressively became stronger throughout the series, providing the Hana-Gumi with both added muscle and respect due to his reputation in middle school. Initially a follower of Hana and the others against their wills, he became a valued member of the faction and lived up to his position as Officer, becoming close with the other members due to his optimism and strength.

Gallery Edit

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