Started with a small gang formed by MuramasaKatagiri KenKuroiwa GorouShibahara Tomoharu and Sugawara Noboru to fight against Dejima Kazunari gang.

After their fight, Ken became famous on Suzuran for landing a good punch on Dejima.

Dejima decided to join them, after that Beeyama and some other freshmen decided to join too and with 19 members the Muramasa Ken Faction became a force that couldn't be ignore.

Ken got into a fight with Yumihara Masaaki, from Tsuda Faction, and a war broke between them. After a month of fighting, Muramasa beat Tsuda Keishi and the war ended.

On their sophomore year most of top freshmen decided to join them, having 40 members.

Shibahara, Noboru, and Beeyama got into a fight with four Housen students on a train station and beat them, after that the Housen sophomore leader, Kumon Yoshiaki, went after Muramasa and Ken, but accidently crossed Chouble.

Apart from the seniors, the only ones on their way to Suzuran's throne was the Kotetsu Faction. Their fight was not a question of if, but when will it happen, but before anything could happen Muramasa had to drop school cause his mother got sick and Ken was expelled from Suzuran after almost killing a man that was harrassing some girls and their faction disbanded.