Murata Juuzou is the Vice Head of The Front of Armament's fourth generation and sworn blood brother of the former Vice Head of the Zeniya Family, Ogawa Kenji . He tends to keep out of sight ,usually, but people say that Ryuushin was able to tell at their first meeting just how good he was. He's also the one guy that can give Kunou Ryuushin a good talking to. Ryuushin also admits that without Juuzou there wouldn't of been a fourth generation of T.F.O.A.

Juuzou left the Armament during it's third generation along with Samejima Giichi due to their dislike of Kunou Hideomi. However, both of them returned when Ryuushin took over leadership. He is the older Brother of Murata Shougo, the Head of T.F.O.A's seventh generation.

Murata was the head Kajiya Mid and he met Takeda Kousei there who challenged him, Kousei lost but even after three broken ribs he kept challenging Murata. When Kousei got to high school he recruited him to T.F.O.A.

After Kawachi Tesshou's death, Juuzou, along with Samejima returned to Toarushi to pay their respects to the deceased Armament head of the sixth generation. Juuzou also left a letter of condolences on Tessou's gravestone written by his former boss Kunou Ryuushin.

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