One of the 6th generation of The Front of Armament. Usually silent to the point of muteness, but his strength in battle is said to equal that of Tesshou. Dubbed as The Front of Armament's "Silent Tank".

He lost his spirit after Tesshou's death but later realized he wouldn't be able to face Tesshou again for being a coward. He rejoined the 7th generation of the Armament.

Nanba retired before the fight with E.M.O.D..

History Edit

In second grade, he got burn on his face which later made it difficult for him to make new friends

Middle School Edit

Because of his huge body and the burn mark, a lot of guys would always pick a fight with him. Disliking that kind of life, he hardly ever went to school. Because of that, he hardly ever went to school.

Before Joining The Armaments Edit

One day, Tesshou moved into the room across his apartment and started talking to his mom, and found out about Nanba's existence.

One night, Tesshou barged into Nanba's room all of a sudden and shouted, "Your mother is so kind and you repay her by making her cry?!" Tesshou then proceed to call Nanba as a mole bastard and threw a punch at him [1].

After that, they started to hang out together.

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