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Megumi Hayashida
Name Megumi Hayashida
Class 24th Class
Affiliation Suzuran
Faction Lone Wolf
Predecessor Genji Takiya
Successor Harumichi Bouya
Status Graduated
First Appearance Crows
Megumi Hayashida, also known as Rindaman or Rinda is a former student of Suzuran All-Boys High School who was a senior when Harumichi Bouya enrolls at Suzuran. Feared as "Rindaman the murderer" he is legendary throughout Toarushi  for  regining at Suzuran High as it's undisputed strongest man. He has never lost to anyone (has a draw against Harumichi Bouya) and was a lone wolf as he wasn't interested in conquering Suzuran.

Not much is known about Rindaman's past but he is rumored to have spent time in juvenile detention for supposedly murdering his stepfather and stepbrother. These rumors were in fact false according to Genjirou Katsuragi, who looked out for Rindaman when he was freshman at Suzuran. Rinda also developed a bond with Housen's Makio Bitou who similarly looked after him like Katsuragi did.

The nickname Rindaman comes from his name, Hayashida, which can be pronounced as Rinda.

During his time at Suzuran, Rindaman developed a reputation as a monster fighter whose strength exceeds imagination, leaving behind legends that are beyond belief such as defeating one hundred men alone in his first year. As a second year Rindaman was strong enough to not only dominate his juniors but his seniors as well, and few dared to challenge him more than once aside from Genji Takiya.

As a Senior, Rindaman would face his first true challenge from the transfer student Harumichi Bouya, who to date is the only man known to tie in a fight with him.

After graduating Suzuran, Rindaman buys a Motorcycle and decides to travel the nation. Towards the end of the series he joins a Tournament for professional fighters near Osaka.

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