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Megumi Hayashida
Name Megumi Hayashida
Class 24th Class
Affiliation Suzuran
Faction N/A
Predecessor Genji Takiya
Successor Harumichi Bouya
Status Graduated
First Appearance Crows

Megumi Hayashida, also known as Rindaman or "Rinda", is a former student of Suzuran All-Boys High School, who was a senior when Harumichi Bouya enrolled. Dubbed "Rindaman the Murderer", he is a legendary figure at the school renowned for having never lost a fight. Despite his prowess, he remained a lone wolf and lacked any interest in conquering Suzuran.


Very little is known about Rindaman's past. He was rumored to have spent time in a juvenile detention facility for allegedly murdering his stepfather and stepbrother. This was in fact false, according to Genjirou Katsuragi, who looked out for Rinda when he was freshman at Suzuran. Rinda had also developed a bond with Housen's Makio Bitou, who similarly looked after him.

The nickname "Rindaman" is derived from his surname, Hayashida, which can be alternatively pronounced as "Rinda".


During his time at Suzuran, Rindaman developed a reputation as a dominant fighter whose strength exceeded imagination. It is claimed that in his first year, he single-handedly defeated one hundred men. As a second year, Rindaman was feared for not only conquering his juniors, but his seniors as well, and only Genji Takiya dared to challenge him more than once. As a Senior, Rindaman faced his truest challenge in the form of transfer student Harumichi Bouya, who to date is the only person known to have fought him to a draw.

Rindaman's exact tenure at Suzuran is unknown. He was known for having skipped class more often then he attended, so it is likely that he had to repeat several times. Rinda eventually graduates following his final confrontation with Bouya, and shortly thereafter, he buys a motorcycle and decides to travel the nation. Towards the end of the series, he joins a tournament for professional fighters near Osaka.

Appearance and Personality

Rindaman vs Genji

Rindaman battles Genji Takiya

Rindaman is characterized by his imposing stature, auburn hair, and melancholy demeanor. He is particularly recognizable by his manner of dress, forsaking the gakuran typical of his classmates in favor of more casual attire. In his early years at Suzuran, he wore a heavy coat over a hoodie (which he normally wore hood-up), with baggy slacks and combat boots. In his later years, he took to wearing a leather jacket over a simple tank top.

Rindaman embodies the "strong, silent" archetype. He is an introvert who keeps to himself and avoids crowds. He was an outsider while at Suzuran, refusing to align with any specific gang. He was not known to be a particularly good student and often ditched class; he would typically loiter on the school grounds, however, and frequently watched from afar as the school's gangs clashed.

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