Samejima Giichi is the Guardian of The Front of Armament's second & fourth generation.

Personality Edit

Described as having a nuclear fuse, because no one knows what he might do after he snaps.

He has an infamous reputation for being a handful for most of the delinquents in town,always taking on more than one opponent at a time.

He seems to have a fondness for karaoke.

History Edit

Middle School Edit

When he was in middle school, he went up the mountain for training to defeat a bear.

Then, he was mistaken for a bear himself and nearly got himself shot [1].

When Dosuken lived in Toarushi for half a year, he almost fight with Samejima Giichi. But, before anything happen, Juuzou stepped in and mediated.


Third Generation Edit

He left the Armament once with Murata Juuzou because they couldn't stand the Third Generation's Head,Hideomi.

During this time, Mitomi replaced him as the Guardian.

Fourth Generation Edit

When Ryuushin took over, he came back and once again took over the title.

Fights Edit

References Edit

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