One of the Bandou Faction's founders and good friend of both Hideto Bandou and Tatsuya Yamazaki.

Senda was very brash, often seen arguing with anyone out side of the Bandou Faction.

History Edit

Middle School Edit

Senda and Tatsuya Yamazaki were following Sugata Kazushi hoping to enter T.F.O.A. when they met Hideto Bandou and became friends [1].

Suzuran Edit

Freshman Edit

The three then entered Kurosaki. After Sugata's death, despising the new leader Kunou Hideomi, Bandou wanted to join Suzuran, that had stronger delinquents, to build an army to take over T.F.O.A., the three transferred and started the plan to conquer the school with the Bandou Faction.

Senior Edit

During his senior year at Suzuran, the Bandou Faction was at war with the Ebizuka Trio. In an effort to dismantle their 3 counter parts in the war for Suzuran, Senda had Makoto Sugihara jumped in a park's bathroom. This attack would lead to not only his defeat, but the destruction of the entire Bandou Faction.

After they lost their position at Suzuran; Senda, Bandou, and Tatsuya became the targets of the Front of Armament. Naoki was the first to feel their wrath. He refused to give up Bandou's location and subsequently lost in one on one to Mito Yasuyuki [2] then had Kunou Ryuushin break both his arms and legs.

Soon after his and Bandou's defeat. Senda dropped out of Suzuran [3] and became a salesman [4]. Bouncing from job to job without any confidence in himself, Senda then got a round of shock therapy from his former rival and Suzuran's senior Toshiaki Honjou [5]. Pon's words rung in Senda's head until he decided to take action. He Ko'd his abusive supervisor (and two others) and left the town.

Fights Edit

  • Senda, several underlings vs. Mako - Won [6]
  • Senda, several underlings vs. Bouya - Lost [7]
  • Senda vs. Mito Yasuyuki - Lost [8]

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