Takashi Makise is the leader of Suzuran High's Class C and a member of the GPS. He established his reputation for extreme stubbornness and tenacity by openly challenging Serizawa Tamao multiple times. Although he lost every single one of those encounters, Makise has earned the respect of many, causing many students to follow him. His stubbornness also extends to his former opinion on Suzuran's leadership issues, claiming that he would not allow his men to follow an enemy leader.

To pull him over to his side, Genji Takiya devised a plan to exploit Makise's equally famous weakness for girls by inviting him to a group date. Despite the date being a total failure, Makise swears loyalty to Genji, just because of the bond they had formed that day.

Although he tries (and fails) to land a date at every given opportunity, Makise's strength and friendship are invaluable assets to the GPS, making him one of the faction's respected leaders.

He is currently working as a manager at Nakata Dealership.

Fights Edit

  • Makise vs. Serizawa - Lost [1]
  • Makise vs. Narumi - Lost, twice [2] [3]


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