Takeda Kousei is the Fifth Head of The Front of Armament. After Kunou Ryuushin retired from the Armament, Takeda at the tender age of sixteen became T.F.O.A.'s Fifth Head which at the time of its creation consisted of only three members, aside from Takeda this included Genba Hisashi and Inada Genji, these three set out to make their own Armament to distinguish themselves from their predecessors the Fourth Generation's shadow.

On the first night of Takeda's leadership, Genji witnessed an oncoming ambush from thirty members of the HYAKKI motocycle Gang coming straight for the Armaments Junkyard hangout, they then furiously faced HYAKKI with just the three of them, on this night Takeda's Fifth Generation began. Later Yanagi Shinji joined as the Armament's Fifth Vice Head.

Takeda Kousei is considered one of The Four Kings in his generation and is well respected among his peers like his fellow heavyweights, Suzuran's Zetton and Housen's King Joe the latter whom he fought privately, though the winner of this fight was never revealed. Unfortunately, Takeda was forced to retire due to his cerebral illness which he inherited through genetics, thus ending the Armaments Fifth Generation. Even though his sickness ended his reign, Takeda has made a healthy recovery. He was succeeded by Kawachi Tesshou.


Middle School

In middle school Takeda Kousei was someone that people did not wish to cross, he attended Kajiya Mid and there was no one in the East district who hadn't heard of him. He was a lone wolf who didn't talk much with others, he'd just ride around on his motorcycle all day even though he didn't have a license.

Back In his first year he challenged Murata Juuzou to a fight who at that time was the head of Kajiya Mid, even though he couldn't win Takeda continued to charge Juuzou regardless of the three broken ribs he'd acquired during the brawl. After this incident no one dared to pick a fight with Takeda Kousei and even speaking his name became a taboo. In his third year he got into a motorcycle accident which took him off the delinquent scene for quite awhile, although others admit if not for this set back the power of the middle schools in town would have been different.

Joining the Armament

After recovering from his injuries during the final days of his third year at Kajiya Mid, Takeda was recruited by Murata Juuzou, who now was the Vice Head of The Front of Armament, to become an apprentice under it's Fourth Generation.


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