The Kurotaki Alliance is a defunct gang that was one of the greatest powers in Toarushi, formed of allied members from several schools. The original president was Bulldog, who was succeeded by Nakajima Shinusuke, who led up until he had to move to another town. Before its dissolution, the sitting head of the alliance was counted amongst The Big Four.

Foundation Edit

The high schools Kurosaki Industrial and Takiya Commerce have long been enemies and fought each other.

In one of their frequent fights, the bosses from Kurosaki Maruken and Kakuken challenged Bulldog, the boss from Takiya, to a two-on-two fight. Bulldog had just met and become friends with Harumichi Bouya by accident, and as his usual partner was not around for the fight Bouya offered himself to help.

Bouya knocked out Kakuken in one hit, letting Bulldog and Maruken stunned. Till then they didn't know his identity and were shocked to discover he was Harumichi Bouya, the top from Suzuran.

After the fight Bulldog called Maruken and Kakuken for a meeting, he said that they were blinded fighting each other and didn't see how many strong guys were growing around them, that if they joined forces they would be a match even to Suzuran. And so the Kurotaki Alliance was born.

Their first target would be the Extreme Dragon Syndicate, formed by a Takiya drop out. Bulldog wanted Bouya to help them but after a misunderstanding with Maruken and Kakuken they all had a fight and the alliance broke out.

Bulldog decided to take the Extreme Dragon Syndicate by himself, but it was a plan from Hiromi Kirishima with students from Kurosaki and Takiya to fool their bosses that made them all join forces in the last minute, reforming the alliance once again and destroying the Syndicate.

Kurotaki Alliance's Schools Edit

The New Generation Edit

As a new year began new students came to all schools of the Alliance, the only one that was able to beat an official and become the new school leader was Nakajima Shinsuke, that beat Ishikawa Masao.

Shinsuke wasn't sure about the Alliance and planned to take on them if he didn't like the leader, but as soon he met Bulldog he was overwhelmed by his presence. The other officers opposed his approval in the Alliance but Ishikawa himself vouched for him, saying that one day he would carry the alliance on his shoulders.

The top freshmen from the other schools that didn't become officers were also unsure about the Alliance and about following Shinsuke, as soon all the other officers would graduate. Shinsuke, to gain their trust and prove himself, took on Harumichi Bouya. Not long after the fight Bulldog named Shinsuke the new Kurotaki leader and all old officers retired with him. Shinsuke named Bandai Yuujirou his vice-head.

The End of The Alliance Edit

On the next year Shinsuke had to move to another city. Yuujirou took his place but not long after he got into a car accident and couldn't move for five months, in the meanwhile, leaderless and weakened the internal conflicts made the alliance crumble.

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