Manji Empire Flag

The Manji Empire is the largest and strongest of all teams in Japan. Its base is located in Machida, Tokyo. It is said that its members easily surpass 1000.

The Manji Empire was established by the Kuzugami brothers Torao and Tatsuo.

Manji used sheer force to crush it's enemies in the violent battles that followed, one by one, the defeated gangs gathered under it's banner. In little less than a couple of years it had 22 gang divisions throught the country, the Manji Empire had become the largest and strongest gang of delinquents in all of Japan.

Inou, the 2nd leader of Manji, created a relation with the Zeniya Family through the ceremonial tradition of raising cups, with Sakura Keiichi their 9th president.

The current leader of Manji is Kimura Masamichi , head of the Edogawa group. The vice-head is Tani Yoshitomo of the Kuzutora group. Both the head and vice-head of Manji mostly stay in the shadows.

Below the head and vice-head are the "Manji Seven". They are the leaders of the seven top groups of Manji. There are 12 groups below the Manji Seven.

Flying Column

An independent group that is ranked above the Manji Seven. Led by Kimura Chouzoku.

Manji Seven


The Manji 7

There was a fierce power battle between the main seven groups, although the Kuzugami is considered the most dangerous, Hiruma raised fast through the ranks and became one of the most influential.

Groups Below Manji Seven

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