Yaita Ikumi is an original member of the Hana-Gumi and the former Head of Kawa Mid. He was a participant in his generation's Freshmen War and made it to the Best Eight. However, he was unable to continue due to being admitted to the hospital for food poisoning.

During his middle school days, he had a fierce rivalry with fellow Hana-Gumi member Sakota Takefumi. Today, Yaita shares a friendship with Murakawa Katsuhiro, both of whom bonded over pornography.

As a former middle school Head, Yaita is known for his fighting prowess, but is also equally well-known for his weak stomach, which always causes problems at the worst possible times.

He is nicknamed "Grey-Hair-kun" by Tsukishima Hana at their first encounter.

After graduation, he is seen working at a supermarket [1].

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