Yasuda Yasuo a.k.a. "Razor Blade Yasu" is a member of the Harumichi Family and is Harumichi Bouya's first and closest friend.

Personality Edit

Yasu starts off as Bouya's number one underling and despite his lack of fighting skills, his closeness with the Harumichi Family's leader makes him a shoo-in for the Number 2 position.

Tiny and scrawny, Yasu is often easy pickings for bigger bullies and has been used as bait to lure Bouya into a trap. However, he makes up for his weaknesses by offering his undying loyalty to Bouya and the rest of the Family.

History Edit

Middle School Edit

He stated that he wanted to become an actor when he was in middle school [1].

Suzuran Edit

Freshman Edit

He first met Bouya while being picked on by Akutsu Futoshi and his gang on the way to school. He begs Bouya to save him from them and only makes him agree, thanks to the picture of his beautiful sister [2]. He was called "Yasui" by Bouya during their first met.

After their first encounter, Bouya sticks to Yasu, relying on him for information about his new school, Suzuran High.

He was kidnapped during the T.F.O.A. war to lure Bouya to a trap. During the war he met Susumu Sagawa, who was as bad luck as him and they become friends. Later he would become friends with Tamasu Tsuyoshi too.

Sophomore Edit

As a year pass by in Suzuran, Yasu soon evolves from Bouya's mere underling into one of his closest and most trusted friends.

After Suzuran Edit

He is currently looking for job which is very hard because of his Suzuran background [3].

References Edit

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